Mind, Body, And Spirit - Me And My Cell-Phone Aren't So Different

Understanding "who" and "what" you are is one of the prerequisites for finding balance, peace, happiness, and control in your life. For example, until you know what a car is, and have some idea about how it operates, you are more of a danger than you are in control. Your mind, body, and spirit - and the relationship between them - is much more complex than a car - but much simpler, too.

Imagine your cell phone; and consider that there is a body that you touch and interact with, as well as a power-source, and information stored in a memory card and processor like thoughts and memories stored in your brain and mind. If we compare ourselves to a cell phone, the phone is the "body," the sim-card, or memory card, the brain; and the energy stored in the battery, flowing through the sim-card, and making the whole thing light-up and make noise, would be the "animating force," or spirit.

In order for your cell phone to work properly, or as-designed, all three basic components need to be in working order and joined together the way they were meant to be. When you separate the battery from the phone, it no longer works; likewise, when you separate the "mind" of the phone, it will still work, but it won't work like it did before - it won't remember anyone's phone number, and it won't even remember it's own. A phone without a "mind" is only as useful as a toy; and a phone without a battery is simply dead.

With humans, we have a physical body which is animated by an invisible energy that we only know exists because of the work it does and the effects it causes; we call that energy, "Spirit." Spirit is capable of doing any work and carrying any information - whether or not we nurture it, think about it, or use, guide, or direct it efficiently and effectively. Spirit is life; and spirit is always there and available. Bodies, however, are formed and physical; all such things have a temporary existence, but if we keep the batteries charged and the pieces together, we can dramatically extend the useful life of a phone or a human body.

Cell phones and humans have other things in common, too. They were both designed for a purpose; and they operate within a much larger system - that was also designed for a purpose. The phone cannot ever know who conceived and designed it; nor does it truly know who is using it - or why. Nonetheless, a cell phone can do lots of stuff and make lots of noise; and so can we - without much more understanding of our true nature than a cell phone has of its own. In fact, most people don't know any more about who they are and how they work than they did when they were children. That's good for the people making the calls - and controlling your life; but not so good for you if you want to be in control of your experience.

The thing is, you have a body and, if you're alive, your body is said to be "occupied," or charged with, life, or spirit; but it is the mind that directs the flow of spirit through your body - and shapes your body with and around the spiritual energy available to you. Your mind can be programmed just like the memory of a phone; and anyone can do this "programming" - teachers, preachers, parents, friends, television, etc... And, since it is your mind that controls your emotions (how spirit is flowing through you) and your body, then whoever is programming your mind is controlling most aspects of your life experience. How are their programs working for you?

Think about it; and then take steps to decide what kind of life you want - and program your brain for it. You've done it before and called it, "learning;" now learn something you want to learn for yourself. Teach yourself how to think new thoughts and do new things; then, dial-up any kind of life you want. You can do it; we all can. And, even if you don't remember, you've done this before.

Balancing Mind, Body And Spirit Through Meditation

In today's hectic, high-paced world where lifestyles leave little room for self, it's important to learn Meditation Techniques that bring peace, balance, and harmony back into life. As many have become aware, life goes by so fast it becomes difficult to take in even a portion of the action around us. However, in learning to relax and reconnect with life, the invisible will again become visible, the indefinable will become definable, and once again the physical, spiritual, and mental self that makes us all unique will come into balance.

The ultimate goal of this technique is to increase intuitive powers that are driven by expansive, mystical resources that guide decision-making. These are drawn from the shared mind of the human race, the planet, and from our history and future. The results will vary depending on the individual and their receptivity to new sources of information. For most a state of balance is unique in that the mind, body, and spirit begin to work in unison making a person feel more grounded and in harmony with the actions taken as well as the guidance received.

Changes in the mind will be the most unique. It will feel as though consciousness exists not only in the head, but in the body as well. This will release the spirit which ends up guiding the body as well as decision-making. Although we understand that the body is made up of many parts that all serve a function, with a meditation one will become aware of the harmony and efficiency with which they work. When the body, mind, and body work in unison and attention is directed externally, life will suddenly feel boundless with energy and knowledge free-flowing making anything possible.

With meditation, personal identity will become part of a greater whole; like a molecule on the wind you will be everywhere and inside everything. The skin of the body no longer creates a visual boundary which creates a mental limitation in our lives. You will suddenly realize that insight comes from everywhere making life feel like a familiar companion that's spontaneous rather than an obstacle to be overcome. Determining one's current state will help provide the impetus for change.

There are many ways to determine your current state. Writing about it is one of the easiest. There are three aspects that need to be considered; mind, body, and spirit. How you organize your life, make decisions, and participate in your favorite activities are all important aspects. When analyzing the body one would consider whether they prefer concrete or abstract concepts or whether instinct or being grounded drives movement and stimulation.

When evaluating the mind you would look at how you express yourself verbally, analyze information, organize your mind, and conceptualize your world. Finally, you should determine what inspires you and whether you can visualize what can be as opposed to requiring concrete proof what is possible. When you look at the decisions you make and what things you traditionally avoid, it can tell you much about yourself, as can phobias, your detail orientation, and where your focus is, on yourself or on others.

It is important that all these factors be in-balance, but it may require action on your part in ways that are not necessarily planned. For instance, if you need to be more physically fit in order to have the body image that helps you achieve balance, you may need to increase your exercise level. It's important, however, that mind, body, and spirit receive the same workout. For instance, mentally exercise by measuring your heart rate, physically exercise by doing yoga, and spiritually exercise such as participating in tai chi or learning Reiki which is hands-on healing.

Merging the mind and body is a first by enhancing the consciousness. This requires relaxing to the point where the inside of the body comes to conscious awareness giving into a total awareness of the body until it merges with the mind. Once this level of consciousness has been achieved one will become aware that the spirit floods both aspects. To balance mind, body, and spirit three-step meditation can achieve a level of awareness that is easier to achieve than one would expect.

Negative energy creates barriers in life. It prevents us from doing the things we would like to do and achieving our goals. In order to achieve harmony in life, mind, body, and spirit must be in-balance, but this requires a conscious effort to change. One of the greatest benefits of utilizing Meditation Techniques is that it will improve one's mood while helping to heal the body.

Balancing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Keeping a balanced life is essential to walking in prosperity. Your mind, body, and spirit must be equally nourished. There can be no overbalance or under nourishment in any of the areas.

Mind. Your mind guides you and has shaped who you are. In order to keep your mind active, you must fill it with new information on a consistent basis. Reading is one sure way to keep your mind stimulated and active. The newspaper, magazines, journals, articles, and books, are great resources of gaining new information. Reading is a sure way of acquiring knowledge and keeps the mind active. Keeping abreast of political issues and world news is yet another way and being aware of current events in your city, state or community is yet another. Exposing yourself to other cultures and ways of living is enlightening as well as informative, and traveling to distant lands to learn about the lifestyles of people in other countries is yet another way to keep one's mind stimulated. However, to live solely for the stimulation of the intellect is to be out of balance and out of harmony with God. Satisfying the intellect is only a fraction of what is needed to be well-rounded and balanced.

Body. Your physical body must also be taken care of adequately because your physical body is what houses your mind, spirit, and soul. You are actually a spiritual being clothed in a fleshly form, and although your spirit and soul goes back to God, your physical body does not. Your physical body is temporal, subject to decline, decay, deterioration and goes back to the dust. You must do your part in helping to maintain this body until it is ready to completely shut down. While your spirit resides in your physical body, you must eat, sleep, drink, and breathe accurately and adequately. You must get plenty of exercise and proper nourishment. However, to live solely for the body alone is to be out of balance and out of harmony with God. There is a principle of health in every person and when in full constructive activity, it causes all the voluntary functions of your body to perform at optimal levels. When the mind, body, and spirit are sufficiently nourished, there is a balance and a power that you walk with that causes your mental attitude to be positive, harmonious, and constructive. This attitude opens the door for good to be manifested in your life. You are always guided by divine intelligence.

Spirit. Your spirit is who and what you are. You must continuously feed this spirit to keep it healthy just as you do your physical body. Spiritual renewal takes place as the Word of God is studied with an open heart led of the Holy Spirit. However, having knowledge of the Word without the Spirit of the Word is ineffective. What does it profit a person to be able to profoundly discourse the Word of God, if he or she is void of the Spirit of God, which leads to humility and a balanced life? Your goal is not just to know the book of the Lord, but to know the Lord of the book. This is why prayer is the foundation upon which every aspect of your life is built. Prayer is keeping the lines of communication open to God, casting all your cares upon Him, praising and honoring Him, and confessing your misdeeds to Him. When there is a balance between prayer, study and fellowship, you can fairly say that you have a pretty balanced spiritual life with some room for improvement. Attending Christian services and fasting for a specific purpose builds upon your spiritual life and further helps to strengthen and feed your soul. However, to live solely in the spirit is to be out of balance and out of harmony with God. Being spiritually strong is only a fraction of living a balanced life. To be overextended in one area is to be weak in another.

Keeping the mind, body and spirit balanced is a necessity and is essential to healthy living. If you find that there is an imbalance, try and rectify it quickly. Many people are over-extended in one area and under extended in another. For instance, some people have a very strong spiritual life, but they have neglected their physical bodies and therefore find themselves having medical and physical challenges. Some people are very much in physical shape. They eat properly and get plenty of exercise, but are malnourished in their soul because of deprivation of prayer, study, and reading the Word. We must stay balanced in order to experience a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. An excess in any one area causes a deficiency in another area. Make sure that you have delegated sufficient time for the growth and development of mind, body, and spirit.

Mind Body & Spirituality With Emphasis on Dr Deepak Chopra & Others

Mind Body & Spirituality with emphasis on Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and Rhonda Byrne of The Secret. Does your body make things happen, or is it your mind? Many have formed considerable debates around this topic, but few have touched upon it as frequently as Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and Rhonda Byrne of The Secret. But is there a way to determine who's right from these two groups?

Chopra, a board-certified doctor specializing in endocrinology, tends to give more emphasis to the mind & body connection in his teachings. Early in his career, Deepak Chopra books focused on the ways that the mind could heal the body through spirituality and mind-body medicine. This mind-body-spirit connection was purported to have the ability to heal conditions including cancer and AIDS. In addition, his techniques are prescribed for mind-healing through meditative processes called Vedanta.

Meanwhile Vitale, Proctor and Byrne have pushed a different sort of spiritual message that the "Universe" is responsible for bringing things to the body that the mind has visualized. They term this the "Law of Attraction," which is the center of The Secret book and DVD. In somewhat of an opposition to motivational speaker Tony Robbins' philosophy of taking action in order to achieve, The Secret seems to give unlimited power to an individual who uses their ability for focused, positive thinking to visual wealth, health and happiness, among other things.

In a 2008 seminar called, The Secret to Your Best Year Ever in San Diego, Calif., Tony Robbins' seminar followed one from some motivational speakers of The Secret. In it, he pointed out some items that he disputed about the motivational benefits of The Secret, including:

o Changing the title of the theory to "A Secret" rather than "The Secret" due to his belief that there are many secrets to achieving success;

o The thought of thinking or believing in something and having the universe deliver it to you is a lazy view of how things work; and

o State of mind, rather than focus, is what drives people to take action and what enables them to attract their desires.

The Secret claims to have taken much of its historical basis from New Thought, a kin to Unity Christianity which is said to have developed in the late 19th century. Full of cryptic symbols and images of repression, The Secret is advertised as something that civilization wasn't meant to know. In the movie, it is shown as being hidden, buried and shunned as a covetable item.

Chopra, though credited with starting the "New Thought Movement" in the United States, has explored his philosophy of success as a connection between mind, body and spirit that is within oneself. Books such as 7 Spiritual Laws of Success and Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire focus on how meditation can bring people to a deeper reference point within themselves, where they experience greater emotions and heightened knowledge.

Since both philosophies depend upon the focus and determination of a person's inner workings, is there a way to determine which force has truly done the work? Is it a viable experiment to sit two people side by side while one meditates and the other focuses on positive thoughts until one person gets what they truly want? Of course, it's impossible to measure a number of factors that go into an experiment of this type, such as spirituality, positivity and even desire.

So no matter how lazy, ineffective, emotional or biased one person claims a particular philosophy to be, the simple answer is that tools for success may vary from one person to another. There's only one way to find out: try it for yourself.

Olu Jatto