Mind-Body-Spirit - When Physical Illness Erupts From Suppressed Negative Emotions

Several years ago I worked with a client who had developed a serious and irreversible eye disorder known as Macular Degeneration or MD. MD is a retinal disorder that affects one's central vision, i.e. that which you require to read with and progressively spreads peripherally to involve the rest of the retina over a period of time.

He had tried everything even surgery and yet his vision continued to deteriorate. He eventually heard of my work with a process I call the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP) and got up the courage to try it. I say "courage" because MRP actually addresses the emotional roots of performance anxiety and other issues that a person may be struggling with.

It has been my experience that individuals who develop "physical" medical problems are often suppressing negative or painful emotions from past because they are afraid of feeling them. Suppression becomes a strategy to deal with the internal pain as it effectively "pushes" the pain into what is referred to as the "unconscious mind". There it remains out of consciousness and therefore out of awareness. That however does not mean that the problem is gone.

What it means is that the problem is still "there" yet the individual is less aware of its presence.

Now a couple of words about the "there" or the "where" these negative emotions actually go.

Effectively the unconscious "storehouse" is the physical body. In other words the emotional pain gets shoved into the body and hides there. As it does so it continues to harbor pain and hurt and this has a disorganizing impact on the both the structure and function of the physical body. Now for a while the body will accommodate the stressor but over time as more and more suppression occurs over one's life time the pressure of this pain eventually causes an overwhelming disruption that erupts as a physical illness.

The man who had the MD worked with me for two months, once per week and as he did so we targeted various memories of events that had anything to do with the problem. These included such things as the initial diagnosis of MD, memories of events along his deteriorating course as well as other difficult personal matters in his life that preceded and/or were the consequence of his MD. I helped him erase many of these memories from his unconscious mind. Effectively this meant that I was able to allow the "pain" from such submerged "emotional abscesses" to become permanently released.

This not only released the pain it also "erased" the memories permanently, and felt to this person as if they never happened.

During the course of the work with MRP this man was able to spontaneously recover over 90% of his vision in the damaged eye.

Now MD is considered a progressive and irreversible eye disorder. In my view this is most probably due in part to the cumulative emotional suppression that eventually overwhelms one's physiological processes.

It appeared that in this case it could be released with MRP and may thus be a hopeful sign of a greater understanding of the emotional roots of physical illnesses.