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I don't know if it's the holidays approaching or my Dad's birthday which just passed, but something has been making me even more aware than usual of the mind, body and spirit connection to our overall well being. Don't worry, this will tie into Anti-Aging Skin Care, just keep reading. I've written many articles about how stress and every day life choices can impact the appearance of our skin. Today I'm going to talk a bit about how our appearance is impacted by what we think, feel, and believe. I think we can all agree that everyone looks better, even healthier when they smile apposed to when they are angry, anxious, nervous, scared, sad etc. Just that simple change doesn't only make us look different, it also makes us feel better. I believe that what we believe becomes our destiny. If we truly believe we can achieve, then we will achieve, if we believe we are lovable then we will give love more freely and be loved in return. If we believe in a life filled with hope and success that is what we will create.

This is the time of year I look back over the year, evaluate where I've been, where I'm headed and how I'm going to get there. I can't help but notice that people who have a firm grasp (not my best quality) on what is and isn't important are much happier, more carefree, and have a glow about them which I admire.

Life is an adventure, a journey that unfolds in the most unexpected ways. Enjoy the ride and be grateful for the lessons. I like to view my life as a passenger, waiting for what is around the next bend with excitement and anticipation. Of course I don't just let my life "happen" while I sit back and observe it from the outside looking in...I participate.

I've learned that pain, difficult as it is, can be an opening to something wonderful as much as it is also a closure to something else. Life is always on the move, try to keep up. To fully experience life we must be truly open to the tearfulness as well as the exhilaration. Life in balance. It's a powerful skill to be able to accept the evolving nature of life. This is a work in progress for all of us.

This season find gratitude for all that is good in your life. You are much more than what you think you are. Take that leap of faith with me, follow your visions and dreams and be a participant in the greatest investigation ever known.......your life is what you make it.

Your skin will glow on the outside when the inside is healthy!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I thank you all for the opportunity to be trusted with your skin care needs.

Cosmic Healing of Mass Consciousness Beliefs Fears, Thoughts, and Feelings - Mind Body Spirit-Style

From a mind body and spirit perspective, a global reset in consciousness has been underway for several decades. Each new major evolutionary shift in human development is always preceded by a stirring up and transformation of mass consciousness.

What is mass consciousness?

Mass consciousness is the matrix of attitudes, beliefs, fears, thought and feeling patterns that govern how the majority of persons alive on the planet at the time behave.

Each belief, fear, thought and feeling has a specific energy pattern or frequency. Take all the beliefs, fears, thoughts and feelings of each of the almost seven billion persons now living on Earth and there you have the totality of current mass consciousness.

This mass consciousness creates an energy grid that surrounds, undergirds and permeates all life on Earth at any given time. It affects your stress level, your feelings, your thoughts and your own beliefs, especially if you do not take the time to build your own inner awareness and Soul alignment.

It is this conscious awareness and Soul alignment that helps you to build your conscious creator life skills so that you set your own life agenda instead of being at the mercy of the push and pull of mass consciousness. As a conscious creator, you get to choose the beliefs, thought and feeling patterns and fears that govern your own life.

Have fun as you explore releasing blocked energy n the form of limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears. In the process you will strengthen your own self awareness, Soul alignment and conscious creator skills. This not only enables you to transform your own life but contributes to the ongoing cosmic healing of mass consciousness beliefs, fears, thought and feeling patterns around the world.

Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight is one of the most difficult - and one of the most rewarding - adventures you can embark on. Here are some tips that have helped me.

1. Talk to a doctor. It seems every diet gives this advice at the beginning. This time, instead of thinking of this advice as a mere disclaimer, see your doctor and find out what her thoughts are regarding your weight loss. Do you really need to lose weight? If so, how much? What would be the health benefits of doing so? Your doctor may be able to provide valuable advice and tips on following a weight loss program that are specific to your needs and lifestyle. Plus, there is a measure of accountability there as well. You'll want to have progressed in your goals before your next appointment.

2. Think yourself thin. One of the most helpful things for me when I was losing weight was to imagine the way my body would look when I had reached my goal weight. I looked at a model in a catalog that looked the way I wanted to and I imagined that this was my body. When the going got tough, it really helped me to come back to that image. Make a collage of images and quotes that will prove inspirational to you on your weight loss journey.

3. Get past the notion that food that is healthy tastes bad. Admittedly, I'm not a big proponent of rice cakes or diet soda. Instead, eat delicious, healthy and real foods in moderate amounts. Fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled lean meats, and lean dairy products are delicious. If you get a craving for a cookie, eat one. (Just one.) And then distract yourself by doing something else. Make a phone call, walk around the block, sip some water with fresh lemon wedges, or read a chapter of an absorbing novel.

4. Get past the notion that exercise is a drag. Find something you love to do. If you look hard enough, you will find an exercise that you can look forward to. Think this out and try to match your personality with your exercise. If you love to savor the mind-body-connection, take a brisk walk in the great outdoors and follow it up with 30 minutes of yoga. If you crave competition, meet a friend for a game of basketball after work.

5. Get inspired with fitness magazines, as well as magazines that help you make low fat substitutions in your cooking. Cooking Light magazine, for example, has some great suggestions for spicing up low fat dishes with fresh, zesty herbs. Before long, you will learn how to naturally make healthy changes to your family's favorite recipes.

6. Keep a Weight Loss Journal, in which you applaud your successes. Give yourself kudos for all the steps on your journey, to drinking your daily allotment of fresh water to getting out and moving each day to eating healthy foods.

By using the power of your mind, body and spirit - and continually patting yourself on the back, you'll meet your weight loss goals and be able to maintain your new, healthy weight.

The Warrior Athlete-Mind - Body & Spirit; Self-Transforming Through Total Training by Dan Millman

The Author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman, has done it again in yet another book Called; The Warrior Athlete-Mind, Body & Spirit; Self-Transforming Through Total Training. Dan Millman was an Olympic Level Gymnast who over came his fear of heights as a child to become a world-class athlete. Dan gives us insight into the realm of Eastern Philosophy, Martial Arts and combines these with athletic excellence.

As a coach in later years Dan makes some astounding advice to athletes, trainers, coaches and those in all walks of life on how to over come their fears and seek success in any and all their endeavors. You can learn how to use these principles to overcome any challenge and they are so simple that it is hard to imagine anyone actually reading this book not doing these things to advance themselves, their family or their team.

In The Warrior Athlete-Mind, Body & Spirit; Self-Transforming Through Total Training, Dan Millman makes a rather interesting statement is made regarding the pressures on an athlete when he states;

"Give me this pressure, show it to me and then perhaps I can help you get over it"

Of course the athlete cannot show him the pressure or stress he is feeling and thus it is not real and if it is not real, then why worry about it. The athlete in question agrees and goes on to give a star performance. The book is filled with such tid bits of real world sports psychology. I would recommend reading this book twice.

Read it through once and then read it again and outline all the important points to help you in your life, sport, business, relationships or career. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

Mind-Body-Spirit Strength Training When Facing a Chronic Or Life-Threatening Illness

How strong are you? If you go to the gym you can measure your strength by using some of the apparatus in the gym. Aside from muscular strength in your arms and legs you hear trainers talk about core strength; the strength in the torso of the body, abdomen and back. It's easy to measure your strength on the physical level but what about measuring your emotional or spiritual strength? Is it possible to develop a workout program for you mind and spirit? What would it look like? How would you know the workout is working?

Developing emotional strength takes practice just as if you were working out your body's muscles. You develop your emotional strength by experiencing your emotions and allowing them to unfold in their own time. When you give yourself the freedom to express yourself fully, you give your emotions room to expand and become stronger in how they manifest. Full emotional expression is freeing, stress reducing, and an authentic way to life your life. It comes down to willingness. If you didn't grow up in an environment where emotions were expressed then this may be a challenge, but it can be learned. It requires that you place yourself in environments where emotional expression is not only modeled, but encouraged. This is why support groups are a great model for authentic emotional expression when facing a chronic or life-threatening illness. Being in an environment where emotions are present or right below the surface gives you a safe place to experiment. It's like having your own emotional strength building gym.

Have you ever tried to measure your spiritual stamina? It's not like you can start running and see when you get tired, although the concept is similar. Spiritual stamina requires that you find inner guidance providing you with a sense of faith and hope. Developing your spiritual stamina is not about dogma; it's about knowledge of your beliefs, values, and intuition. Having the capacity to find comfort and peace by going within is building spiritual stamina. Some may need a personal trainer just like when training the physical body and they turn to spiritual directors to help fortify their spiritual stamina in the face of a health challenge. Knowing that there are others willing to support you is empowering. It punctuates the knowledge that you have your own internal and external resources for health and healing.

Remember that developing your emotional and spiritual strength is just as important as developing your physical health when facing a health challenge. Finding outlets that will support this development is the key. Learning to ask good questions of yourself and others serves as a catalyst for this type of development. It's about coordinating your strength building efforts between the mind, body, and spirit. Don't under develop one area and over develop'll live life lopsided and that doesn't benefit your journey toward health and healing.