Cosmic Healing of Mass Consciousness Beliefs Fears, Thoughts, and Feelings - Mind Body Spirit-Style

From a mind body and spirit perspective, a global reset in consciousness has been underway for several decades. Each new major evolutionary shift in human development is always preceded by a stirring up and transformation of mass consciousness.

What is mass consciousness?

Mass consciousness is the matrix of attitudes, beliefs, fears, thought and feeling patterns that govern how the majority of persons alive on the planet at the time behave.

Each belief, fear, thought and feeling has a specific energy pattern or frequency. Take all the beliefs, fears, thoughts and feelings of each of the almost seven billion persons now living on Earth and there you have the totality of current mass consciousness.

This mass consciousness creates an energy grid that surrounds, undergirds and permeates all life on Earth at any given time. It affects your stress level, your feelings, your thoughts and your own beliefs, especially if you do not take the time to build your own inner awareness and Soul alignment.

It is this conscious awareness and Soul alignment that helps you to build your conscious creator life skills so that you set your own life agenda instead of being at the mercy of the push and pull of mass consciousness. As a conscious creator, you get to choose the beliefs, thought and feeling patterns and fears that govern your own life.

Have fun as you explore releasing blocked energy n the form of limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears. In the process you will strengthen your own self awareness, Soul alignment and conscious creator skills. This not only enables you to transform your own life but contributes to the ongoing cosmic healing of mass consciousness beliefs, fears, thought and feeling patterns around the world.