Connecting With Mind, Body and Spirit

I've written a great deal about the union of mind, body and spirit in previous articles. I believe it is essential for living an authentic life. When I talk about authentic, I mean living in harmony with your true nature. When you're living in alignment, you transcend your imposed limitations. You begin leading a life of inspiration rather than perspiration.

Your life has meaning and purpose. When you connect with mind, body and spirit, you experience success, happiness, joy and the fullness of life. You cease acting from a place of fear and other lower energies. You're able to transcend these limitations. You're in alignment with your emotions and thoughts. You practice regular spiritual practice (I'm not suggesting worship here) and become in tune with your surroundings.

Awakening your authentic self is what nature and the universe had in store for you before you came into the world. Over the years and throughout adulthood, you told yourself stories about who you think you are. These stories are unfair depictions about your true essence as a spiritual being having an earthly experience. You painted a canvas which is distorted. It is important rid yourself of this false belief, since this is not who you really are.

Therefore, to live as nature had intended for you, means reawakening and connecting with the three elements of mind, body and spirit. If you are only concerned with your body and focused on losing weight and the material form of yourself, you will never truly attain happiness and fulfillment. Since your ego identifies with the material aspect of self, while spirit is the true essence of your nature. Why not have both? Why not have an amazing looking body which radiates energy, beauty and the energy of life flowing through it?

To connect with the material aspect of your being, means denying other elements which are available to you. It would be akin to a squirrel preying on other animals for its food source. Instinctively it knows it cannot be nourished by the flesh of other animals. It knows it cannot digest and assimilate the protein from other species - so why try? It should turn its attention toward food which it intuitively knows will nourish its body, mind and spirit. Corn, seeds, nuts and fruits are its natural choice of nourishment. I don't mean to sound condescending by presenting you with a simplified metaphor of who you really are.

Allow me to render a caveat by expressing it takes time to evolve into a person I am describing. What's the rush? I've never understood why people want to get a six pack or be lean or lose weight NOW. What then? What if I was to grant you your wish, how would your life look like with your new body? When I ask this question of clients, their immediate look is one of bewilderment - I don't know is the usual response. Recall then that health is not an event, it is a PROCESS. If you learn nothing from reading my articles, please commit that mantra to memory.

You MUST connect on all three levels of mind, body and spirit to live a rich, vibrant and abundant life. You can only do that by being in alignment with those three elements. What's the use of having a fantastic body when suddenly faced with a crisis which requires attention? You find yourself unable to train. Your emotions are in turmoil. You neglect your body over time, while you tend to your mental and emotional state. There is a gradual decline your physical self; something you once thought was impenetrable. I see this all the time in new clients.

A person in alignment knows whatever disruption or turmoil they're faced with, is only transient. They have a world view and understand the process of life. They're unattached to outcomes and surrender to whatever life reveals; knowing all will be well. They neither invest a great deal in their emotional or mental state. Instead witnessing them much like observing waves crash into the shoreline. They know and appreciate in time, this too shall pass - much like the seasons.

The purpose of this article today is to invite you to consider a different view of health, well being and fitness; a different view of aesthetic beauty. Many of you have been doing the same thing day in day out - some achieving great results, others not so great. Wherever you are in the continuum, consider gaining another perspective. If you're currently seeing the results you deserve - fantastic. Keep moving in that direction and tend to your mental and emotional state.

I assure you, the more you connect with mind, body and spirit, the greater your life begins to look and feel. You'll never look back and wonder why it took so long to live this way. Remember - patience and persistence will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. Make it a way of life, insisting that you become someone worthy of living an authentic and magical life.